I’m Tania Rascia, a full stack software developer, technical writer, and former chef.

I started this website as a place to document everything I learned while going through a career change. I learn in public and write about everything I know.

I aim to create a beautiful corner of the web free of ads, sponsored posts, newsletter pop-ups, affiliate links, and the rest of the annoying noise we're so accustomed to seeing on the internet these days.

A non-exhaustive list.

Open Source Projects

  • TakeNote – A web-based note-taking app with GitHub sync and Markdown support
  • New Moon – the optimized dark theme for web development. Your new favorite theme
  • Chip8.js – a Chip-8 emulator written in JavaScript for terminal and the browser
  • MVC.js – a simple Todo MVC application in plain JavaScript
  • Laconia – a modern PHP MVC framework written without libraries or frameworks
  • Primitive – a minimalist front-end design toolkit built with Sass
  • Snek.js – a terminal-based Snake implementation written in JavaScript (Node.js)
  • Webpack Boilerplate – a sensible Webpack 4 boilerplate with with Babel, Sass, ESLint, HMR, and prod/dev optimization
  • tania.dev – personal theme for Gatsby (the source of this website)


Articles I've written for developer publications.


Sometimes I sing and play accordion/piano. I like to record music in my spare time. Here are some.

3D Printer


A few sites I designed.

Currently Using

Year in Review