I'm Tania

I build open-source projects and write about modern JavaScript, Node.js, design and web development.

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Writing a Simple MVC App in Plain JavaScript

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Open Source Projects


A web-based note-taking app with GitHub sync and Markdown support.

New Moon

The optimized dark theme for web development. Your new favorite theme.


A Chip-8 emulator written in JavaScript for terminal and the browser.


A simple Todo MVC application in plain JavaScript.


A modern PHP MVC framework written without libraries or frameworks.


A minimalist front-end design toolkit built with Sass for developing responsive, browser-consistent web apps.


A terminal-based Snake implementation written in JavaScript (Node.js).

Webpack Boilerplate

A sensible Webpack 4 boilerplate with with Babel, Sass, ESLint, HMR, and prod/dev optimization.


Personal theme for Gatsby (the source of this website).


Egghead.io - Switching Careers and Learning in Public - with Joel HooksEgghead.io - Switching Careers and Learning in Public - with Joel Hooks


JS Chicago - An Introduction to ReactJS Chicago - An Introduction to React

WordCamp Chicago - Developing a WordPress Theme from ScratchWordCamp Chicago - Developing a WordPress Theme from Scratch

Other People's Opinions

It's no exaggeration to say that I wouldn't currently have a job in development without this site. So thanks for ruining my life, Tania.


Not to get too dramatic, but I find your site to be an unspeakably beautiful lifeboat in an overwhelming sea of technical jargon and shite.


You taught me more than any class could have and it took me a fraction of the time because of how clearly you write and teach.


I keep coming back to your website and I appreciate it more and more every time. The way you explain things just make sense!


You are the best tutor I have ever seen in my life. This tutorial is an excellent example of simplicity, clear explanations and detailed examples. I love every bit of your work. Never stop teaching, please.


Just wanted to thank you for your awesome tutorials. Glad you found your niche, teaching valuable skills to so many folks out there, instead of preparing fine meals for a select few.