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Integration Tests with Jest, Supertest, Knex, and Objection in TypeScript

Learn how to set up and tear down a database for integration tests using Jest and Supertest in a TypeScript API. Make actual calls to an actual database in your tests and assert the HTTP responses.

Build a Node.js, Express, & PostgreSQL REST API

In this walkthrough tutorial you will develop a REST API from scracth in Node.js using the Express framework and Postgres database. You will also learn how to deploy it to production with Heroku.

Understanding Bits, Bytes, and Numerical Bases

Delve into math and computer science fundamentals and learn about binary, decimal, and hexadecimal bases.

How to Create and Use Bash Scripts

A guide to setting up and executing Bash scripts. You will also learn the most essential aspects of Bash syntax.

SQL and PDO Operations Reference

A guide to the most commonly used SQL commands, and how to use their corresponding PHP PDO operations.

Node.js and npm Tutorial: Installation and Usage

Knowing how to set up a local Node installation and use npm to install dependencies is an essential part of being a JavaScript developer.

Build a PHP & MySQL CRUD Database App From Scratch

A complete walkthrough to setting up a PHP application with a MySQL database using modern, secure practices.

JSON Tutorial: Request API Data with JavaScript or PHP

Learn what the JSON format is and how to request and use JSON data from external APIs with JavaScript or PHP.

Command Line Tutorial: Usage in Linux and macOS

The essential command line tutorial for beginners. Learn how to navigate your computer with the CLI to modify files, update permissions and more.